How to Prune Forsythia the Right Way


Forsythias, among other plants in our gardens are definitely getting much attention. Considered as heralds of spring, they add beauty to yards and neighborhoods with their massive, yellow flowers that bloom brightly after a cold, gloomy winter. But having only these natural attractions don’t make enough magnificence since you have to consider keeping them as pleasing as a sunny morning. The next thing that comes into your mind – what is the right way in pruning them?


Forsythia For Sale, a trusted Forsythia grower in the country with over 5 decades of excellent experience in plant shipping industry has these few yet very important tips for you:


Naturally, Forsythias can grow from 6 to 8 feet tall and from 4 to 6 feet wide. The area where the plant grows can affect its size and maturity so it’s better to look for the suitable spot where the shrub can grow to its natural size.


In pruning, identify one-fourth to one-third of the oldest and tallest canes and cut them close to ground level. The oldest canes are likely the taller and thicker ones thus blocking the passage of light into the center of the plant. Cut off branches that are tangled or are rubbing against each other to allow wider reach of each stem as they grow. Remember to also remove dead canes.


Prune few canes out of the center so to create a bigger and wider circumference. Be sure to cut off branches that are dipping or hanging close to the ground to avoid the sprout of another plant. Also, cut off canes that go in odd directions to create uniformity. The canes’ direction should come from the inside and out thus gives additional beauty to the plant.


Generally, younger canes are easier to maintain. When pruning Forsythia, do not remove one-third or more of the plant for 2 or 3 years. Having this will allow the plant to keep its natural shape and achieve younger and healthier shrubs. This type of strategy is famous to certified growers or gardeners like Forsythia for Sale in assuring the long life span of the plant.


Following these steps are major factors in maintaining the shape and size you desired over time. Of course, as the plant grows, it will develop into bigger canes and bear massive flowers that usually don’t look perfect once not taken care of. Just keep in mind to remove old canes, cut out dead ones to ground level, and shorten the shrubs according to the desired size and you get to keep its natural beauty overtime.